Worry And Anxiety Can Lead To Infertility

In today’s article i want to talk about something a bit different and a subject that most couples worrylooking to have a baby may not know.

Worry And Anxiety Can Lead To Infertility!

Yes, you read that right, worry and anxiety CAN actually lead to infertility by shutting down the body’s system and causing it not to function properly.

During my research on this subject matter, i discovered that many couples who faced infertility problems were in fact victims of excessive amounts of worry and anxiety in their own lives.

I also noted that in most cases, professionals in this subject matter always deal with these lifestyle issues first before looking at other reasons that may be causing the problem.

Look, our body is not designed for worry because worrying about something can do you more harm than good. It also doesn’t get rid of whatever you’re worrying about but instead just increases the anxiety in your own body without actually solving the problem.

Ask yourself this question – “How will me worrying help to produce the child which we desire?

Many couples reading this can testify that their worrying about this problem has not helped them in any way because in my opinion, a calm and undisturbed mind is the life and good health of the body.

So when worry does set in, it starts to destroy the life of the body by releasing toxins into the system. Worry breeds more worry until the person is almost going out of their mind because of it.

Once a persons spirit is broken they are finished. The body becomes weak and the mind starts to play games. The entire system becomes clogged up and many organs in the body are affected.

So please stop worrying if at all possible and try to cast all your cares aware for your own health and that of your potential child.

Hope that helps…