What Actually Is Emotion

DC Facial EmotionsToday, i want to ask you a question. A question that will really make you think!

Here goes…

What Is Emotion?

Have a good think about that. I want you to come up with an answer before reading on.

Seriously. Don’t read on until you’ve answered that question.

What is emotion?

If you read on without answering it you’re only screwing yourself. Answered it yet?

Most people will have said something like “A feeling”. Ok then, what’s a feeling? This one tends to stump people a little more. Sometimes they describe a feeling as a sensation. “If i feel joyful my heart area gets all warm”. Ok then. What’s a sensation?

Right about now is when people start getting pissed off with me and want me to get to the point.

Marketers always bang on about emotion. But I’ve never seen anyone talk about what emotion ACTUALLY IS.

So let me explain it.

‘Emotion’ is the feeling we get from a release of certain neurochemicals into our blood stream from the brain.

There is no such thing as ‘anxiety’ or ‘stress’ or ‘happiness’. Not really. These are just words we use to describe the sensation of certain neurochemicals being released by
the brain.

For example, that sensation we have labelled ‘stress’ is the brain triggering the release of cortisol and other hormones and chemicals into the body. When we say “I’m so stressed” what we should really be saying is “Sweet lord my body is flooded with cortisol!”.

But that would be weird, wouldn’t it?

That feeling (sensation) of love you get – neurochemical.

That feeling (sensation) of excitement you get – neurochemical.

That feeling (sensation) of anticipation you get – yep, neurochemical.

We are motivated by things that cause us to experience positive feelings (sensations created by neurochemicals) and we avoid things that cause us to experience negative feelings (sensations created by neurochemicals).

Stick with me here. I know this may sound complicated but it’s really simple and completely relevant to how marketers work. You know, those annoying people who keep trying to sell us stuff.

The reason you read my articles and Facebook posts  is because of the positive hit of neurochemicals i provide. That giggle i give you. That excited lightbulb moment you have. That head shaking moment when you can’t believe i actually wrote that. That moment where you read something and it creates a positive sensation…

That my dear readers, is a neurochemical!

You read my updates because the brain starts to link my content with a positive ‘hit’.

The reason people buy stuff over and over again and don’t take action is because they’re addicted to the positive hit of neurochemicals they get when they buy… but then negative neurochemicals rear their ugly head when it comes to taking action so they do sod all.

Until they want their next ‘hit’ – so they buy another shiny object.


Let that one settle in for a bit.

It’s quite the eye opener isn’t it?

When it comes to my articles and posts i’ve ALWAYS treated my readers like I would my friends. How many articles do you see me do compared to others? One a week (me) compared to a few a week (others) which also include links to all sorts of products you don’t need.

When have i ever promoted a product to anyone? Now don’t get me wrong… there’s nothing wrong in letting people know about something that could help them with whatever problem they’re looking to solve but a lot of bloggers and marketers out there, do nothing but promote, promote, promote! EVERY SINGLE DAY!

People ask me how I can get so much interaction with my readers whilst others can’t even get that many people to visit their site.

It’s because I’m man heroin baby. You heard me… MAN HEROIN! 🙂

People are addicted to the feeling (Sensation/neurochemical) they get reading, watching or listening to me.

OK, that felt weird to write. But it’s true.

Same reason some are addicted to surfing whilst others are addicted to going to see their football team play or hitting the bars and clubs on a weekend with their friends.

Emotion. Feelings. Sensation. Neurochemicals. Whatever you want to call it, IT’S THAT!

Have you ever watched a sales video or a webinar or read an email and thought “The content is OK but something’s not really grabbing me”?

The reason is because their content is not triggering any neurochemicals. It’s not getting you excited, happy, proud or anything else.

It’s bland. Vanilla. Neither here nor there.

Do you ever wonder why you stop reading peoples emails, articles, posts or listening to what they have to say when they treat you like a fool with information that doesn’t stir any emotions within you? At the real deep level it’s because your brain has linked their content to the release of negative neurochemicals when you get stressed out that they’re doing another promotion or bombarding you with crap.

Whenever you create a piece of content, be it an email, a video, a report, the spoken word or whatever, it HAS to create positive neurochemicals in the other person. You do that by providing lightbulb moments that excite them and moves them closer to their goals. You do that by making them laugh, feel pride, love, kindness or any other positive feeling you can think of.

Creating just an article is not good enough anymore.

It’s not about the article you see. It’s about the way the reader feels while reading or listening to it.

Here’s something interesting. Go into a clothes shop aimed at people in their teens or early twenties and take note of the music playing. It’s like a bar or nightclub in there! Why? It creates positive emotions with the customers and gets them associating wearing those clothes on their night out.

Crazy really isn’t it. Fascinating too I find. The power of emotions are all around us in everything we do, so look for how you feel in different situations and ask yourself, “Why am i feeling like this?”

You’ll keep reading my articles and Facebook posts won’t you? 😉

Now you know why.

Till nest time…