Social Conditioning Is Poison To The Soul

socialconditioningToday i want to talk about something that i’ve been thinking about for a few years now.

A thing so poisonous that it infects the brain of EVERY person on earth from the day they are born. That thing is SOCIAL CONDITIONING! See how Wikipedia describes it by clicking here.

Look, every person on this planet, all 7+ billion of us are socially conditioned from birth. From our parents, friends, relatives, school teachers, work colleagues, governments, churches, the list goes on and on. WE ARE ALL SOCIALLY CONDITIONED to behave in a certain way.

Now, most of those people throughout our lives thought they were bringing us up in the right way. THEY WEREN’T! Our parents through no fault of their own, thought they were teaching us life’s lessons. THEY WEREN’T! They were just carrying on what their parents had taught them. No problem, it’s perfectly understandable but WE should know better!

When i say ‘we’, i mean the 0.001% of the worlds population who KNOW that virtually everything we have ever been taught or just accepted as the truth, was WRONG!

Look at these contradictions of life for example:

When we were kids we were told to NEVER talk to strangers, yet when we are in our teens or young adults we are told to go out and meet new people/friends. We’ve been brought up NOT to talk to people we don’t know, then we are told TOO talk to people we don’t know! CONTRADICTION!

That’s why so many kids or teenagers in the Western world especially, sit at home all day playing computer games or surfing the net. THEY HAVEN’T GOT ANY SOCIAL SKILLS TO MEET PEOPLE!

We are told to study hard in school, people will like us and we will get a good job. Yet when we are in school we are bullied for being a swat in class or for being too clever and the jobs we do end up getting after we leave school were nothing like the jobs we wanted or studied for, due to lack of opportunity. CONTRADICTION TO REALITY!

We are told to listen and do as we are told, then we are told to not take any notice when someone says something we don’t agree with. CONTRADICTION! We either listen and DO what we are told or we don’t. Can’t have it both ways.

Men are told to ‘be nice’ to girls and to treat them well. To buy them chocolates and flowers and take them out whining and dining them. What utter tosh!

How many women go for ‘nice guys?’ Come on girls, be honest? Most women are the biggest contributors of contradictions on the face of the planet. They SAY they want a nice guy then jump into bed with the first ‘bad boy’ that is a challenge and shows some confidence. Nice guys are perceived as weak, unadventurous, boring, not challenging, blah blah blah.

‘He’s TOO NICE you say, he’s ‘JUST A FRIEND’. Nice guys DON’T STAND A CHANCE with women in today’s world. They get the dreaded FRIEND ZONE treatment, which is like death to a man when it happens to him from a woman he really likes.

I should know because many years ago I WAS THAT GUY! Brainwashed into thinking that women wanted to be treat right and spoilt, only for girls who i got on great with and thought i’d have as girlfriends to suddenly shack up with some druggie, foul mouthed, tattooed racer boy with a big ego.

Now i know not ALL women are like that, but everywhere i go and the more women i meet, the more i see this happening. Great guys who just lack a bit of confidence being left on the shelf for those immature, uneducated, idiots who sleep around bringing child after child into the world and treating their women like crap. WAKE THE HELL UP GUYS AND GIRLS!


Now, i’m not saying don’t be ‘nice guys’, i’m a nice guy, always have been. I try to treat people the way i would want to be treat. The difference with me now though, is i’m not a pushover, weak, needy and ‘too nice’ like i was many years ago. Again, i was socially conditioned from being a child to believe that’s what girls wanted. That females were somehow precious and to be admired and put on a pedestal. Thank God, i now know better and we are all equal and should be treat as equal, no questions asked!

I’m still the same person inside with all of the same values i’ve always had but now i’ve got that ‘edge’. I don’t tolerate certain behaviours or put up with unnecessary drama, moaning and complaining. I stand my ground with the confidence to know that i can walk away at any time and have no problem finding someone else. Instead of being just a ‘nice guy’, be a ‘bad, nice guy!’ 🙂

So all you men out there, if you think you are ‘too nice’ with women, start to work on yourselves, get self confidence, get fitter, healthier, well groomed, educated, get money, AN EDGE but most importantly GET A LIFE and GET OUT THERE and meet those quality women who are waiting for you RIGHT NOW!

Stop being pathetic, weak and needy ‘nice guys’ IMMEDIATELY!

Real women want A MAN with standards, confidence and values. Someone with other interests apart from ‘just them’. Someone who won’t tolerate their wishy washy behaviours. Someone who is prepared to walk away and leave them instead of sticking around all needy like a little boys first day at nursery, when there’s no connection any more. GET A GRIP, GET A LIFE AND GET THOSE QUALITY WOMEN!

As for you girls, i can’t help you! Sorry! Hahaha! Even to this day i hear every girl i meet say one thing then do the opposite. I’m not even going to try and understand you. One thing i will say though, is life would be much more fun and less stressful if you give some of those ‘nice guys’ a chance. I know guys who have got great exciting lives but because they are perceived as ‘too nice’ just aren’t getting a look in.

GIVE THEM A CHANCE and see how great life really can be.

Here are 2 other great articles i found online that cover social conditioning perfectly.

Till next time…