Are You Trapped By Old Beliefs

trapped beliefsI want to talk about something today that is quite close to my heart at the moment. It’s to do with the way we, as humans, think and associate things because of our messed up socially conditioned belief systems.

I’m an avid scholar of the power of the mind and psychology, so i thought i’d write a quick summary of my take on the subject.

If you’ve ever wondered what kinds of beliefs you have stored away deep in your unconscious mind that silently influence your everyday choices, take a good look at your life, including your friends, loved ones, your job and your health.

The life you are currently living is a reflection of your belief system about what you are willing to accept and tolerate in your life. This one concept alone is the vital difference that separates those people who live abundant happy lives from those who absolutely don’t.

For instance, people who continue to stay in unhappy or abusive relationships, work at jobs they don’t enjoy or struggle financially due to lack of motivation or creativity, do so as a result of the beliefs they hold.

Yet there are a growing section of individuals in society who will never EVER accept being unjustly treated, living just above the poverty line or working in professions that do not make full use of their unlimited potential.

These individuals are those who stand out from the crowd, the entrepreneurs, the pioneers, the risk takers and the leaders who refuse to allow the opinions of others to dictate how they live their lives.

They do this not because they are better or more gifted than everyone else, but simply because their ingrained beliefs do not allow them to do otherwise.

It’s important to remember that we all play an active role in the creation of our belief systems, even if this occurs when we are vulnerable to the influence of others and once these beliefs are impressed on our unconscious mind, they become the rulebook that controls the direction of our lives into the future.

All of your successes and failures therefore, are in some way influenced by this unconscious set of rules you have set out. Whatever it is you want to achieve, whether it be a skill you’re attempting to master, a subject you wish to learn or an illness you are struggling to overcome, your success will be determined by a single factor, the unconscious beliefs that make up your book of rules.

Much of the struggle you experience in life relates to the inner turmoil you feel when you make a new choice that conflicts with the set of rules you have created about life and simply forgotten about.

To end this struggle and become the master of your own destiny, you MUST therefore master the unconscious beliefs that control you.

This my friends, is where REAL change occurs.

Till next time…