Are You REALLY Serious About YOUR Success?

Today, i’m going to start by asking you a question:

Are You REALLY Serious About YOUR Success? I mean REEEEEALLY SERIOUS?

Hows that for a thought provoking question! I’m sure your immediate answer is… “Of course i’m serious!” But many people who answer in this way just aren’t serious at all.

They think they are, they tell people they are and believe they are but when it really comes down to it they are no different from the majority of people around the world, they’re NOT serious at all.

Let me explain…

Recently, i met up with a friend i hadn’t seen in a while as he’s currently training to be a commercial pilot. We got chatting and started discussing the importance of having complete focus on achieving success of any kind.

I mentioned that in my own case, i had wanted to start up and run an Internet business which meant me giving up some of the things i enjoy doing so I could focus on learning the necessary skills and have the time to develop and run my business successfully. The process right from day 1 has required me to invest lots of time, hard work and sacrificing a lot of other activities in my life to concentrate fully on developing my websites.

My friend said, in his case, his determination to become a pilot required huge financial investment, made him have to give up his job to pursue his dream and also gave up his long term girlfriend who he had been with for several years. In that time he has studied day and night in 3 different countries to attain the necessary skills and qualifications.

We then talked about how many people SAY they want success but DO NOTHING about it! A case in point is a young man my friend met on a course in Shropshire. He too was studying to become a pilot but was struggling to reach the required standard. Despite having the ability, the young man failed his tests twice and my friend highlighted the following reasons. As you read, see if any apply to you:-

1. Heart Isn’t In It: He left university and didn’t have a clue what he wanted to do. His father had found a pilot’s course whilst surfing the Internet and mentioned it to his son. Thinking that becoming a pilot would make his family proud, he signed up. He isn’t doing it for himself, but doing it for his family.

2. Sold On Romance: The thought of being a pilot with the prestige and respect that comes with it and of course, the good salary seemed very appealing. But it requires endless hours of hard work and continual development and this reality is far less appealing.

3. The Man’s Father Is Paying For The Course: He knows he can take as much time as he wants because his father will pay for the extra study and the retaking of exams. As he isn’t paying for his own studies – and for his own mistakes – he doesn’t have the focus and urgency that comes when you spend your OWN HARD EARNED money. In other words, failing ISN’T painful enough for him.

4. Easily Distracted: Instead of doing extra study after classes, the young man wastes hours per day on the Internet and playing computer games. They are wasted hours, hours that won’t take him any nearer to becoming a pilot. This distracts him from the task at hand.

5. Inviting His Girlfriend Over Every Weekend: Instead of working, studying or flying at the weekends, he instead spends his time with his girlfriend. They go shopping together, watch movies, they dine out and you can guess the rest! My friend tried to point out to him that he was wasting weekends he could use to get more hours in flying.

He was met with the reply “Yes, but my girlfriend wouldn’t be happy about that, we have to see each other sometime”. Despite my friend saying they could spend lots of time together AFTER he’d qualified, the young man still invites his girlfriend over EVERY weekend – and has recently failed his test again, for the third time.

The only conclusion i’ve come too is if you are to achieve the success you REALLY want, it requires TOTAL FOCUS without distractions of any kind. You must be prepared to give it your 100% full attention and be 100% committed. It MUST become the NUMBER 1 priority in your life ahead of everything else.

So, i ask you again, are you REALLY serious about YOUR success?

Only YOU can answer that!!

Until next time…