7 Ways To Empower Your Communication

communicateCan you believe we’re already 2 months into 2015? What’s going on, is time speeding up as each year goes by? I’m going to watch my clock and see if the hands are going round faster!

Time certainly didn’t move this quickly when i was at school, the days seemed to drag on forever!

Anyway, the topic of today’s post is conversation and how you can gain the necessary skills and empower yourself to communicate like never before?

Let me start by saying that there’s so much to know about conversation that anyone, including me, could ever realize. No matter how much you watch talk shows, listen to radio programs or have ordinary everyday conversations, certain rules still apply when it comes to interactions through words.

Even though it’s your mouth that’s doing the work, your brain works twice as hard to give out the information you’re wanting to converse. So what better way to start learning how to be a more effective communicator than to really get to know yourself and what makes you tick.

1. What You Know
Education is all about learning the basics, but to be an effective speaker you need to practice what you’ve learned. We all have our limitations, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn to keep up and share what we know.

2. Listening
This one is VERY important! Sometimes listening to the sound of our own voice can teach us to be a bit more confident with ourselves and to say the things we believe in with conviction. Also, when you listen to others speaking, you can get a feel for their voice tone, pauses and voice projection which all go into one package to make you the best communicator you can be.

3. Humility
We all make mistakes and sometimes we slur our words, stutter, and probably mispronounce certain words even though we know what it means, me included. So in a group, don’t be afraid to ask if you’re saying a certain word properly and if they’re unsure about it, make a joke out of it. I promise you it’ll make everyone laugh and not feel awkward for you or them.

4. Eye Contact
There’s a lot to say when it comes to directing your attention to someone with an eye catching gaze. It’s important that you keep your focus when talking to a person, even if he or she is very attractive.

5. Humour
A little bit of humour can do wonders to lift the tension when speaking to a stranger or in front of a group. By making funny comments or telling amusing stories, you’ll get the attention from them and they’ll feel that you’re just as approachable and down to earth as anyone else.

6. Me, Myself, and I
Admit it, there are times you sing to yourself in the shower. I know I do! Listening to the sound of your own voice while you practice speaking in front of a mirror, can help correct the tone of your voice as well as give you practice on using pauses in your conversations.

7. With A Smile
A smile says it all just like eye contact. There’s no point in grimacing or frowning when conversing with someone so soften your eyes and give small, gentle smiles as you go and make yourself and the person you’re talking too feel relaxed and comfortable.

I hope i’ve given you 7 quick ways to enhance your communication skills just by making a few small tweaks here and there, I’ve learned to empower myself when it comes to speaking just by practising talking to strangers wherever i go. Sure, i mess up sometimes but who cares, not me?

It also never hurts to talk to people to see how they make conversations more enjoyable and fun. Just project yourself in a confident manner, speak slowly and clearly and you’ll have no problems at all!

See ya…