11 Quick Tips To Blast Your Productivity Through The Roof

Pro3ductivityHere we go, 11 Top Tips…

  1. Worst First.  To defeat procrastination learn to tackle your most unpleasant task first thing in the morning instead of delaying it until later in the day.  This small victory will set the tone for a very productive day.
  2. Mini-Milestones.  When you begin a task, identify the target you must reach before you can stop working.  For example, when working on a book, you could decide not to get up until you’ve written at least 1000 words.  Hit your target no matter what.
  3. Time Management.  Give yourself a fixed time period, like 30 minutes to make a dent in a task.  Don’t worry about how far you get, just put in the time.
  4. Pareto Principle.  The Pareto principle is the 80-20 rule, which states that 80% of the value of a task comes from 20% of the effort.  Focus your energy on that critical 20% and don’t over analyse the other 80%.
  5. 1,2,3 Action.  Kill procrastination by taking action immediately after setting a goal even if the action isn’t perfectly planned.  You can always adjust it  along the way.
  6. Deadline.  Set a deadline for task completion, and use it as a focal point to stay on track.
  7. Gap Reading.  Use reading to fill in those periods like waiting for an appointment, standing in line or on the bus.  If you’re a male, you can even read an article while shaving (preferably with an electric razor).  That’s 365 articles a year.
  8. In Pieces.  Break complex projects into smaller, well-defined tasks and focus on completing just one of those tasks.
  9. 30 days.  Identify a new habit you’d like to form and commit to sticking to it for just 30 days.  A temporary commitment is much easier to keep than a permanent one.
  10. Diversify.  Sign up for martial arts, start a blog or join a gym.  You’ll often encounter ideas in one field that can boost your performance in another.
  11. Intuition.  Go with your gut instinct because it’s probably right.